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We as employer

The employee is the key to success!


You need a vision to create a successful business idea, and people to realize this vision!

As an innovative and dynamic company, Mühlbauer offers you a wide scope for independent actions and short communication distances so that you can realize your own ideas and visions in an optimum way.

During the more than 35 years of our company's history, our values have taken deep root in our mindsets and actions. Our work environment is characterized by constant, sustainable growth and internationality. This permanently opens new prospects for our committed employees to advance in their professional careers. During the whole development process, our employees are supported and promoted both at our in-house academy and in external trainings.

We as employer

The Mühlbauer Group encourages responsible, reliable and business-oriented acting on all corporate levels and strengthens cross-process thinking and acting. It is a matter of course for Mühlbauer to create exemplary and safe working conditions. Only employees who feel comfortable and safe in their working environment can steadily deliver high performances.

With a team of committed and competent employees, we are constantly striving to achieve our goals and to do even better tomorrow what we are doing today.


"A company works best if there are reliability, fairness and responsibility,
but also clearly defined common goals, like in a family."



"I rely on everyone and expect the same from my employees.
As long as there are people who can be trusted, our system
will hopefully keep working.“