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About us


Mühlbauer Group

Founded in 1981, the Mühlbauer Group has grown to a proven one-stop-shop technology partner for the smart card, ePassport, RFID and solar back-end industry. Further business fields are the areas of micro-chip die sorting, carrier tape equipment, as well as automation, marking and traceability systems. Mühlbauer’s Parts&Systems segment produces high precision components.


Production solutions worldwide

The Mühlbauer Group is the only one-stop-shop technology partner for the production and personalization of cards, passports and RFID applications worldwide. With around 2,800 employees, technology centers in Germany, Malaysia, China, Slovakia, the U.S. and Serbia, and a global sales and service network, we are the world’s market leader in innovative equipment- and software solutions, supporting our customers in project planning, technology transfer and production ramp up.


Exclusive manufacturer service

35 production and service facilities on five continents, worldwide spare parts repositories and individual service and financing concepts enable us to provide a unique service quality with a reaction time down to 2 hours.


See & Believe

In the technology centers all over the world, such as in Germany, Malaysia, China, South Africa and the U.S., we exhibit our complete range of ePassport, Smart Card and RFID production and personalization systems. Almost any system is available and ready for demonstration. Additionally the company’s know-how can be experienced in the TECURITY® EXPRESS show truck, an unrivaled mobile high security production center. Convince yourself of the superior Mühlbauer technologies.


Technology and market leadership

To ensure and expand the technology and market leadership, Mühlbauer continuously invests in innovative products and processes. Our research and development centers with over 400 highly qualified engineers and technicians collaborate closely with customers and research institutions in order to efficiently launch reliable solutions in increasingly shorter development and production cycles.


Open communication

While aiming to extend our technology leadership, we ensure strict privacy in all projects and serve as a reliable partner for sophisticated industries, convincing by high speed, best quality and clear customer orientation.


TECURITY®: Tailor-made security solutions

Mühlbauer specializes in innovative one-stop solutions encompassing the production, personalization and issuance of ePassports, ID Cards and other card related security documents, and fully automatic border control systems. The business unit TECURITY® bundles the extensive know-how of the development of tailor-made security solutions. In the last 30 years we have installed more than 80,000 systems and modules across the globe, and have been intensively involved in over 300 government related ID projects.


AUTOMATION: Innovative systems & software
More than 100 different highly sophisticated production systems in combination with intelligent software solutions for production management and personalization are the core of the business unit Automation. In addition to the turnkey solutions for high-quality ID document-, Smart Card- and RFID Smart Label production, we develop and manufacture innovative Die Sorting systems for the semiconductor industry. Moreover we produce laser and board handling systems for the traceability of electronic components, highly sophisticated vision inspection systems for various applications as well as innovative production technologies for flexible solar cells.


Precision components from PARTS & SYSTEMS

Mühlbauer’s Parts & Systems segment produces high-precision components both for the manufacturing of Mühlbauer machines and as a supplier for exacting industries such as aerospace, motorsports, semiconductor and medical engineering.





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