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ePassport Solution


The continuous increase of international traveler volumes and the striving for unlimited mobility cause new challenges in the security sector. Global threats induced by criminality and terrorism, illegal migration, document fraud as well as the risk of identity theft in the digital age further add to this development. It is our belief that these challenges can only be met by establishing robust identification systems. The reliable identification and verification of travel documents and people is the key to security on a global scale.

Although there is no one model for providing travel documents, we are convinced that by delivering cost-effective but robust identity credentials, and by offering an approach that ensures the efficient implementation of interoperable systems, we produce huge advantages for governments and citizens.


Tailormade Solutions

We are your competent partner providing a comprehensive and unrivaled ePassport solution, driven by the motivation to find the individual and flexible solution, which perfectly meets your demands. Regardless of the modalities to achieve it, we ensure governments around the world.

Our specialists accompany and consult you throughout the entire project duration:

We are the only solution provider worldwide who develops all components in-house and is simultaneously able to deliver the complete portfolio of technologies, processes and materials recently on the market. Thus you benefit from a more open consultation for the choice of your solution components, maximum individualization and our speed during the implementation of our harmonized systems.

By continuously improving and enhancing existing technologies and security features, we contribute to worldwide security now and in the future. We demand from ourselves to be always a few steps ahead of any counterfeiters.


International Standards and Interoperability

International standards and recommendations established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) serve as our guidelines when developing our ePassport solutions:

  • Security design and print of the documents
  • Enhanced protection against counterfeiting attempts
  • Continuously enhanced personalization technologies and processes
  • Biometric authentication
  • Logical Data Structure (LDS) for the securing of biometric data
  • Supplemental Access Control (SAC)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for electronic travel documents


Worldwide Replacement

Our flexible solutions moreover enable the replacement of stolen or lost documents abroad. The secure transfer of data on a global level is thereby essential. Embassies or consulates act as application and issuance centers for electronic passports.