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More and more nations ensure that their documents are produced in their own countries in order to strengthen the national economy (commercial documents like banking cards) or because of security reasons (national ID documents). To enable this autonomy, we therefore provide complete solutions for the development of production facilities at site.

The planning process focuses on your individual demand. During the solution development, we rely on our years of experience in this field. Our specialists accompany you during the entire course of the project. Our aim is to optimally meet your vision:


Advantages for Government and Economy

The development of production facilities at site offers a wide range of advantages for the government and the entire economy of a country:

  • State-of-the-art technology is brought to the country, creating added value.
  • Besides the provision of machines and technology, the complete know-how required for the production and the development of innovative plastic cards and identity documents is transferred.
  • The technology transfer acts as a driving force for the countries’ independence since future card and document projects can be developed autonomously.
  • The construction and operation of a new factory provides numerous new jobs in the high- technology sector.
  • An own national security document production center leads to a higher level of security since the documents are produced within the country. The transport of the high-security documents across borders becomes redundant and even the distribution can be controlled by the government, reducing the risk of counterfeiting stolen documents to a minimum level.
  • With our modular machine concept, the factory can be easily expanded for the production of a variety of different applications.


All from One Source

With the experience of more than 300 ID projects worldwide in different fields of the ID market, we are the ideal partner for the construction of ID document or smart card factories. Our great advantage is that we can deliver all needed components and competences from one source:

  • Self-manufactured document production and personalization systems
  • Complete know-how of all production processes and certified material components
  • In-house developed production management software