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National identity documents with sophisticated security elements are only secure if the production environment fulfills the required security standards. This applies also to banking, credit or GSM card applications. Therefore several security certification standards have been established for the different card applications:



The institution INTERGRAF sets a milestone with its standards for the security printing process management. While the demand for high-security documents is constantly increasing, document security - especially for national identity documents - is moving more and more in the focus of governments. This trend and its resulting demands have been taken into consideration by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) which has initiated the establishment of the “Management of Security Printing Process” as international standard in 2013. The same aspects with regard to the credit cards production and personalization are regulated by the PCI standards. Furthermore ISO 27001 is the international standard describing the best practice for an information security management system. Combined with other certifications this standard enables the customer to dramatically increase the information security


Business Continuity Management

Moreover we strongly recommend considering the setup of a Business Continuity Management. This BCM combines a Business Impact Analysis with risk assessment in order to guarantee the optimized preparation in case of any business interruption or disaster. The main goal, however, is to identify risks and to find ways of counteracting them.


Customized Security Concept

We consult the client in order to help him achieve the respective kind of certification. The result is the customized security concept which includes the physical building security as well as the security-compliant processes and workflows. With references all over the world, Mühlbauer holds the comprehensive experience to guide the client during the certification process.