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Know-How Transfer


In order to compete within the global document market a comprehensive know-how of document production is essential. During the development of the individual solution we share all our experience gained in the last 30 years with our clients.


Centers for Know-How Transfer

To ensure that the vast know-how is sustainably transferred to our customers, we have instituted the Mühlbauer ID Technology Transfer Centers. In these facilities we convey all the necessary skills and knowledge for operating a document production factory starting with the right design of the building and the production workflow according to best-practice standards. This also enables different certifications such as PCI or Intergraf.


Comprehensive Know-How Transfer

Our facility planning engineers give you the needed know-how for all project phases and support you during the whole course of the project with:

  • Building construction until the final acceptance of the building. This service does not only include the construction itself, but also the building security and its surveillance.
  • Setup of a proper production organization
  • Recommendations describing the necessary qualifications of each employee in the form of job descriptions
  • Control of the hardware
  • Promotion of the understanding and the management of the different production processes and dependencies
  • Access to qualified materials. You benefit from Mühlbauer’s procurement power.

With this know-how you are able to develop, design and produce your own documents without any external support while maintaining perfect quality. Nevertheless the Mühlbauer process engineers are at your disposition at all times in case of any questions.