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Antenna Production

Mühlbauer’s Antenna Cutting System produces reliable UHF aluminum antennas on PET. The reel-to-reel system uses a two layer input material with a bottom material of PET and a top layer of aluminum. In the core process of cutting, the milling wheel mechanically removes all the unnecessary aluminum parts from the aluminum layer and leaves the desired antenna pattern, while the PET layer remains untouched. For a flexible production of different antenna patterns, the magnetic cylinder can be easily equipped with a different cliché. The integrated cleaning station with fixed brushes and a suction system frees the web and cliché of unwanted particles. Now, the antenna is produced and the quality verification process starts. The contactless UHF test system verifies the antennas by means of an electrical test and a loop simulation. The subsequent Vision process includes a full vision inspection of the complete antenna and a specific inspection of the antenna gap. Finally, an inkjet printer marks bad antennas with a black dot during the machine operation.